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MyWorkpapers Case Study – Martin Aitken & Co

Martin Aitken & Co has been established for well over 100 years and is one of the largest independent accountancy firms in Glasgow

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Martin Aitken & Co has been established for well over 100 years and is one of the largest independent accountancy firms in Glasgow, serving clients ranging from sole traders to multi-million-pound groups.

One of the reasons for the practice’s longevity is that it has not stood still and has continuously adapted to changes in the commercial landscape, according to Gavin Curr, an Associate Director at the firm.

It is that willingness to adapt to the changing needs of clients that led to the firm adopting MyWorkpapers for Year-End in spring 2019.

“There had obviously been a real change in the digital landscape,” says Gavin. “With Making Tax Digital and the proliferation of cloud accounting and bookkeeping software, an ever-increasing volume of information was reaching us digitally.

“We wanted a solution that would enable us to integrate and streamline the various strands of digital information flowing into and out of the practice every day.

“The functionality of MyWorkpapers made it the natural choice for us.”

The firm implemented MyWorkpapers with its own custom templates and Gavin says the MyWorkpapers team provided support throughout the process, including by travelling to Glasgow to train staff on the aspects of MyWorkpapers relevant to their roles.

Since implementing MyWorkpapers, Gavin says the team has been highly impressed by its ability to streamline processes and deliver efficiencies, as well as the ability of its quality control features to reduce the risk of errors. However, he says it really came into its own during lockdown.

“We did have some resistance from the team when we first implemented MyWorkpapers, with people being attached to the ways different tasks have been completed in the past.

“Lockdown and the need to move to working from home meant that any residual resistance fell away immediately.

“It really was a God-send during lockdown and the team embraced the ability to collaborate remotely and see what needs doing at a glance.”

Martin Aitken & Co is now trialling MyWorkpapers for its Audit work as the practice starts to work towards a new normal of paperless and remote working.

Summing up, Gavin said: “We are delighted with how MyWorkpapers has delivered efficiencies, integrated processes and enabled remote working. Our team really likes using it.

“Over the last two years, MyWorkpapers has revolutionised our practice.”

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