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Accounting Technology – How to improve client satisfaction

Accountancy firms are always on the lookout for new technologies that can optimise their operations and improve client satisfaction.

However, investing in and implementing new technology can sometimes be challenging, with some firms falling foul of common mistakes when introducing new technology.

But what are the pitfalls that accountancy firms should be aware of:

Mistake 1: Insufficient research and planning

Before investing in any new technology, it’s essential to conduct thorough research and planning to understand how the platform works and whether it fits in well with your existing infrastructure.

Many accountancy firms fail to do so, which can lead to costly mistakes and inefficient implementation, as well as underutilisation of the software they invest in.

Our tips:

Mistake 2: Overlooking employee training and support

New technology is only as effective as the people using it. Many accountancy firms neglect to invest in proper training and support, resulting in frustrated employees and poor use of the systems implemented.

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Mistake 3: Ignoring integration with existing systems

Integrating new technology with your firm’s existing systems, like FYI or Xero is critical for seamless operation. However, many firms fail to consider this aspect when investing in new technology, leading to compatibility issues and reduced efficiency.

Our tips:

Mistake 4: Focusing solely on price

While cost is important, it should not be the only factor when choosing new technology. Focusing solely on price can lead to inadequate solutions that fail to meet your firm’s needs.

The cost of platforms is often reflected in the features and integrations that they offer, as well as the level of efficiency they generate.

Our tips:

Mistake 5: Inadequate change management

Change can be challenging for any organisation, and the introduction of new technology is no exception.

Accountancy firms sometimes underestimate the importance of effective change management, leading to resistance and slow adoption of new systems by experienced team members.

Our tips:

How to improve client satisfaction and implement new accounting technology

Investing in and implementing new technology can greatly benefit accountancy firms, but it is essential to avoid common pitfalls to ensure success.

By conducting thorough research, prioritising employee training, focusing on integration, considering value over price, and effectively managing change, accountancy firms can make the most of their technology investments and stay ahead in a competitive industry.

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