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Client communication doesn’t need to be this hard

Getting clients to share documents and information is often a sticking point for accountants and can lead to serious delays in the auditing, payroll, and accounting processes.

Relying on communication methods like email, phone calls and even paper-based interactions is, in many ways, outdated in the modern age.

We’ve found that accountants, who continue to rely on these methods, quickly fall behind their competitors simply because the efficiency of their workflow is not up to scratch.

However, the client communication process doesn’t need to be this hard!

Does this sound familiar?

We often hear about situations like this:

It’s a problem that accountants, who still rely on email, suffer from on a regular basis and using phone calls or letters is even worse.

Your client ends up worried about their tax return or their audit being submitted late, and your workload increases tenfold as you struggle to keep up.

Not only this, but your team finds themselves under much more pressure than they usually would, deepening morale issues and creating an unhappy work environment.

The alternative (and better) option for client communications

Instead of relying on emails and outdated methods, your firm might benefit from the digital solutions that many of your competitors use.

Things like digital checklists, cloud-based document sharing and client portals.

Checklists give you the option to see your workload in real time and know exactly where you stand with every project that your team is currently working on.

They also show your clients exactly which documents have been submitted and which ones you are still waiting for.

Similarly, cloud-based document sharing doesn’t require third-party intervention through email and gives you the ability to share and work on documents simultaneously.

Your client simply shares the document to the cloud, and you then work on it, together if necessary.

Finally, client portals facilitate quick, efficient, and clear communication with your client, so you never need to scroll back through your inbox or try to remember what’s been said and agreed between you.

We offer two types of portals – The Client Portal and the Firm Portal – the latter being designed specifically for accountants and allowing you to discuss projects, plan and delegate work within your team.

Similarly, MyWorkpapers provides a checklist feature and document sharing via the cloud.

To learn more about MyWorkpapers’ features, please click here. Or try MyWorkpapers for free to find out how it could revolutionise the way you communicate with clients.

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