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Do you really need digital working papers?

It’s the question that thousands of accountants are asking themselves this year.

“Do I really need digital working papers?”

The answer, in our opinion, of course, is yes!

They provide you with an extreme advantage over the competition that is unparalleled in terms of ROI and their integration is simple.

Traditional vs digital working papers

Digital working papers are transforming how accountants manage, store, and access financial data.

Unlike paper-based methods, these digital tools offer an organised, searchable, and easily accessible repository of information.

And to be frank, digital is streamlined, paper is cumbersome.

Benefits of digital working papers

The advantages of going digital are numerous. Here are some of the most obvious:

What’s holding you back?

One of the things that often prevents accountants from investing in digital solutions is fear of integration problems.

The idea of being held back in their daily operations by the process of integrating a new technology is, of course, a worry. It could, after all, lead to time wasted, rather than time saved.

However, digital solutions, like MyWorkpapers, integrate seamlessly into the current IT system, take very little crossover time, and are built to work with your current processes, like Sage, Xero or FYI.

And if you are worried about transitioning staff from one system to another you could even integrate the solution and have it running in the background for when you are ready to move staff over.

The future of accountancy and digital integration

The future of accountancy is irrefutably digital.

Especially when 58 per cent of accountants believe advancements in technology have made their roles significantly easier.

Trends point towards increasing automation and cloud-based solutions so firms may as well adapt sooner rather than later.

Plus, with the benefits that digital solutions provide the competitive advantage of using digital working papers cannot be ignored.

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