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How to maintain your team’s workflow during an audit

Managing audit workflow can be one of the most complicated responsibilities that accountancy firms deal with.

However, a robust and standardised working strategy can keep your team operating efficiently and cooperatively.

In an audit, a cloud-based platform can be a lighthouse, guiding your practice towards effective and timely completion, while also giving managers and responsible individuals within firms the visibility required to track and manage progress.

So let’s explore how your team can maintain a productive auditing workflow, regardless of location, by harnessing the power of cloud technology.

Building a robust virtual working environment

Regardless of the location of your employees, it is vital for a practice to maintain a solid workflow and output.

Creating a virtual working environment that is beneficial for productivity and communication is vital for this element of the accounting profession.

Remote working

As home offices become a norm, it has become necessary to implement new technologies to maintain a smooth operational flow.

When your team is scattered across different locations, including home offices and on-site with clients, synchronisation can be a challenge.

Using a cloud-based platform provides seamless access to working papers, allowing remote teams to work collaboratively throughout an audit.

Enhanced features such as real-time updates and shared dashboards ensure that everyone is on the same page.

The ability to access work documents from anywhere by using a cloud-based platform, such as MyWorkpapers, fosters a unified workflow allowing your entire team to contribute effectively – making geographical boundaries irrelevant.

This technological adaption is crucial to the evolution of your firm. Those who do not embrace the changing nature of the profession reduce their competitiveness, both with clients and staff who may wish to join their firm.

Harnessing the power of cloud technology for team collaboration

Cloud technology gives your firm the opportunity to view all your clients’ data and accounts in one place.

Our platform offers instant access to paperless working papers, automatic standardisation (including access to content from leading partners such as HAT and Mercia), critical reminders, and endless other ways to stay on top of audit tasks.

If you regularly perform audits for your clients, MyWorkpapers is a must-have within your technology ecosystem.

By embracing the versatile functions offered by our platform, including our new General Ledger feature, you can foster a collaborative, secure, and harmonious working environment at your practice, regardless of the physical work settings of your team.

MyWorkpapers offers the solutions and services that keep your team united and your business resilient.

If you want to upgrade your audit workflow, please contact us.

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