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How to make GDPR compliance easy

The implementation of the UK General Data Protection Regulation (UK GDPR) has significantly altered the approach of accountancy firms in managing client personal and financial data.

In auditing, GDPR is a vital piece of legislation given the highly sensitive financial data that businesses entrust to auditors.

While GDPR primarily addresses the protection of individual personal data and not business data, its principles are equally critical in auditing due to the sensitivity of the financial information handled.

Compliance with GDPR for auditors is not merely a legal requirement – it is fundamental to maintaining trust amongst clients and upholding professional standards.

Understanding the implications of GDPR in auditing

UK GDPR was originally a reactive law, quickly implemented to match the EU GDPR rules that were no longer applicable after Brexit.

The aim is to unify personal data privacy laws across Europe, protecting and empowering all EU citizens and their data privacy.

Since the UK left the EU, it has also developed the Data Protection Act 2018 alongside UK GDPR.
This regulation impacts accountancy firms in several ways – especially during audits:

How to maximise GDPR-compliant processes with an online workflow management platform

Implementing an online workflow management platform can significantly enhance GDPR compliance in auditing.

These platforms can be designed to align with GDPR requirements, offering several key advantages:

When to start using a workflow management tool

GDPR’s importance in the auditing sector is paramount and a workflow management tool not only ensures the protection of sensitive data but also upholds the compliance of your firm, should a data breach happen.

Getting your firm integrated into a cloud-based platform as soon as possible is therefore recommended.

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