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Ongoing development – The importance of training in the adoption of new accounting technology

The technological revolution experienced in recent years has significantly altered how accounting is done today, with numerous software and automated systems facilitating rapid and error-free computation but some firms have failed to realise the importance of training in the adoption of new accounting technology.

These innovations, however, are not just plug-and-play entities. Instead, they require continuous support, post-implementation.

Firms need to keep investing in training their workforce to handle these technologies efficiently and get the most out of them.

This includes, where possible, considering additional customisation based on evolving needs of their practice and team.

As a technology provider, we offer a variety of client success plans and here are some of the lessons that we have learned from working with many practices.

Investing in continuous training: empowering your workforce

Accounting technology can only be as good as the people who use it. No matter how advanced the technology, its benefits cannot be fully realised if the workforce lacks the necessary skill sets to use it.

Technology keeps evolving, and so do accounting software systems. As such, regular training sessions should be conducted to keep the employees abreast of new features and functionalities.

Training in the adoption of new accounting technology equips employees with the knowledge to handle complex tasks, make data-driven decisions, and optimise processes, increasing the overall efficiency of the firm.

It can also reduce the resistance to technological changes, promoting a more adaptive work culture.

Ongoing support: more than mere maintenance

Accounting technologies, like any other software system, need ongoing support once implemented. However, this support isn’t just about maintaining the system and ensuring it is working properly.

It involves troubleshooting, regularly updating the system to incorporate the latest features and security measures and adapting it to comply with changing regulations.

Additionally, with ongoing support, firms can benefit from expert advice and insights, which can help them leverage their ecosystem of technology more effectively.

Considering additional customisation: making the technology work for you

Every accounting firm has unique needs based on its service offering, size, client base, and many other factors, including its existing processes.

While standard accounting software comes with a host of generic features and templates, there are always specific needs that may not be fulfilled by these out-of-the-box solutions.

Customisation of the software enables the accounting firm to tailor the technology according to their particular requirements.

It allows for better integration with other systems in use, enhances user experience, and ensures the technology aligns well with the firm’s operational processes.

Therefore, investing in additional customisations, as and when necessary, should be seen as a strategic move rather than an additional cost.

So, what can we take away from this?

The journey with accounting technology shouldn’t and doesn’t end at its implementation. It’s crucial for firms to invest in ongoing support, continuous training, and additional customisation to extract maximum value from these systems.

By doing so, they ensure that their accounting practices are not only tech-enabled but also flexible, efficient, and aligned with their specific needs, ultimately contributing to the firm’s overall growth and success.

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