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Responding to the criticisms of cloud-based software

We recently came across an article that made certain claims about the cloud that simply weren’t true.

Yes, they were legitimate concerns, but they have no grounding in reality, nor evidence to support their claims.

We wanted to address these comments and speak about the numerous benefits that cloud technology really has.

The first criticism: “It’s unsafe”

This simply couldn’t be further from the truth.

Traditional data storage methods, like paper-based workpapers and local servers, are outdated and susceptible to risks such as theft, fire, or accidental loss.

Conversely, cloud solutions have an incredible amount of security integrations, including encryption, two-factor authentication, and hyper-secure digital storage.

In our opinion, the cloud is the best way to protect things like your working papers and client data from unauthorised access and cyber threats – unlike paper documents which can be read by anyone.

They also offer real-time cloud backups and easy data retrieval in case of system failure or accidental deletion, ensuring business continuity in either eventuality.

Your office could burn down, but so long as you have access to the internet and a computer, your work can continue.

(You can read more about our security provisions in this previous article).

“It makes me reliant on the internet”

This is one of the more reasonable criticisms of cloud software but in many ways, this should be levelled not at the specific software, but rather at the way our working world functions.

Yes, if you embrace the cloud, you’ll be reliant on the internet, but what’s new there?

You already have internet banking, shopping, and communications. You already send files and emails over the internet.

If you’ve moved jobs in the last 10 years, chances are you did it via LinkedIn or some other website.

The top place to find romantic dates according to 45 per cent of people today, is online dating apps – even THAT is now part of this interconnected, online world.

Isn’t it better to have your files on a secure and safe cloud platform that genuinely improves your workflow, than working in an outdated and slower method?

The cloud indeed relies on the internet, but so does the rest of the world. To avoid this undeniable fact simply means you’ll fall behind and resign your firm to digital obscurity.

“It prevents me from customising my technology”

When we heard this one, we were genuinely shocked that such a criticism could be levelled at cloud technology.

Cloud systems, particularly SaaS platforms, offers you the ability to customise your tech far better than any other.

In no way does it restrict your flexibility.

You can customise fields, forms, and templates, integrate with third-party apps, configure workflows, and control user access levels – all of which were incredibly difficult with traditional paper-based systems.

The scalability of cloud solutions also allows you to adapt as your firm grows and you can quickly respond to your team’s changing requirements.

We are continuously updating our systems and user feedback channels to ensure access to the latest customisation features.

This criticism simply doesn’t have weight to it – especially when you compare cloud tech to the likes of outdated paper filing or manual data handling.

The reality of cloud accounting software

The cloud is highly effective, impenetrably safe, and very easy to use.

It’s the greatest advantage you could possibly give to your firm in a sector that is fighting over clients as much as it is fighting over talented staff members.

In fact, cloud systems are often cited as one of the key things that young, forward-thinking trainee and qualified accountants are looking for in their job searches.

In other words, if you haven’t integrated cloud software into your firm, you truly are missing out.

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