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MyWorkpapers + IRIS

Did you know that 1+1 actually = 5?

Using MyWorkpapers and IRIS together is proof that 1 + 1 can produce spectacular results.

Here are the five most important things that our mutual clients love about us working together!

Five ways MyWorkpapers & IRIS can help you solve the biggest challenges faced by accountancy firms:


Integration Achieved

Our integration allows complete connectivity end-to-end from bookkeeping software through to financial statements.

This eliminates time lost to manual entry and reduces the risk of error, while keeping all your systems in sync.

Simply click a button to import your data, and the job’s done!


Digital Firm Nailed

If your firm isn’t digital, it risks being behind the curve. MyWorkpapers enables IRIS users to complete all of their compliance work on a cloud based digital platform, allowing staff to work from the office, at home, or directly from clients’ premises.



Efficiency Gained

Clients using MyWorkpapers and IRIS save up to two hours per job from efficiency automations, streamlined data and intelligent integration, all with the flexibility to map complex Trial Balance data.


Compliance Conquered

While IRIS handles your financial statements, MyWorkpapers provides you a one-stop-shop for all your workpaper needs. This production line compliance makes results predictable, accurate and of the highest quality.


Resources Sorted

Recruiting accountants has been an ongoing challenge for years in the UK market. During this time providers like IRIS have set up outsourcing services that can fill these resource gaps for you. Using MyWorkpapers alongside IRIS and IRIS Outsourcing is a no-brainer. You gain complete visibility as a user to the platform of the work being completed by the outsourcing team along with the ability to communicate in application whenever questions arise. Just put the right template in place and the job gets done!

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