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Checklists are here thanks to MyWorkpapers!

MyWorkpapers has added a new Checklists feature for every job file it offers – bringing a cloud-based technology solution that helps accountancy firms to cut costs and save time.

Gone are the days of emailing or mailing checklists to your clients at year-end or during the busy tax season.

Instead, this can now be done within the client files in MyWorkpapers audit, year-end and personal tax paperless working papers.

Commenting on this significant development, Rich Neal, MyWorkpapers CEO, said: “Checklists are a laborious task. There are still many firms out there printing checklists that are then mailed to clients or emailed and left waiting for the client to respond.

“Often files come back with errors or incomplete, and even where they are correct, they have to be manually added to a client’s file or scanned and included digitally, which is massively inefficient.

“Now, they can be sent out to a client via MyWorkpapers, completed online, in-app through the cloud, and then information is saved directly to the client file securely.”

The checklists functionality is included in the MyWorkpapers Client Portal and now includes other functions to streamline workflows and improve collaboration between the accountancy firm and its client. It can be used for personal tax, year-end accounts production and audits.

“This is a big step in what our platform can do and is yet another feature designed with the needs of users in mind and developed with first-hand experience of the pain of managing client files,” added Rich.

The Checklist functionality is available now to all users, and accountancy firms can customise this feature to their requirements.

Want to learn more about how Checklists can make the work of auditors and accountants easier? Please get in touch.

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