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MyWorkpapers brings General Ledger to its platform

We’ve launched a game-changing General Ledger feature to supercharge accountancy firms. This new functionality enhances our existing platform by allowing users to import transactional data directly, initially via CSV, with more integrations coming soon.

The feature consolidates all transactional work for a financial year, making data validation more efficient and centralised.

MyWorkpapers CEO, Rich Neal, said:  “This new feature simplifies the general ledger management process. Users no longer need to juggle multiple platforms; they can achieve clarity and efficiency in one place.”

In addition to streamlining operations, the feature also retains a permanent history for the accountancy firm. This is invaluable when switching accounting systems.

Rich explained: “This is just the start. We plan to evolve the feature to include data analytics, industry benchmarking, and risk assessment functionalities.”

To find out more about MyWorkpapers’ new General Ledger Feature, please speak to us.

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