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MyWorkpapers accredits The dot HQ as a remote resourcing option for UK accounting and audit firms

The powerful partnership combines innovative cloud workpapers with trained, qualified and experienced accountants.

MyWorkpapers and The dot HQ have announced that dot accountants and auditors will be trained and accredited in the use of MyWorkpapers to provide  skilled remote professionals to the many resource-stretched accountants and auditors across the United Kingdom.

MyWorkpapers’ CEO, Richard Neal said: “We are providing accounting firms with digital workpapers and workflow – including content, methodology from leading marketplace providers on our cloud platform.  Now we are assisting our client accounting firms further with remote staff, pre-trained on our platform and best practice content. Remote staffing is the new outsourcing.

“We have worked closely with dot to ensure their team are MyWorkpapers trained to fast-track implementation with our clients – using both content available on our platform and customised resources bespoke to the firm. We provide the tool; dot provides the remote team member.

“Many accountancy practices are genuinely struggling to find staff.  With remote working, it does not matter where the staff are but it does matter that all team members use the same system, approach and processes to complete a client engagement file.

“Likewise, the real time transparency we bring is critical for productivity and efficiency. Partnering with dot gives our clients access to an alternate generation of accounting professionals.”

The Founder and director of The dot HQ, Arun Ravindranathan added: “Being in the accounting industry for 20 years, I have personally built some strong relationships, one of which has been with Rich Neal from MyWorkpapers. Since the launch of The dot HQ, we have built upon this existing relationship, as both parties share the same goals in providing cloud-based support and services to UK accounting firms.

“Our synergy with MyWorkpapers comes at a time where The dot HQ move towards future projects in Audit Outsourcing, in addition to the existing Accounts Outsourcing services we provide.

“This strategic partnership is exciting for the UK accounting industry, who we look forward to engaging with alongside MyWorkpapers at future events.”

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